Arrival with breakfast, tea and coffee. 

Those needing caffeine to be ready for a jam-packed day get their fix, and everyone mingles.


Welcome and Opening Speaker


Circle of trust with entrepreneurs, facilitators and advisors

A facilitated activity where we will go through the outline for the day, expectations from one another to make the day most effective, and build relationships.


Entrepreneurs present on their start-ups and one crucial challenge

The 10 entrepreneurs present about their organizations and the biggest challenge they are facing to everyone in 5-minute presentations.


Morning Break


Braintrust session 1 


Five entrepreneurs break into Braintrust sessions and the rest into a workshop. Each entrepreneur in a braintrust is matched with 3-5 advisors and a facilitator manages a structured discussion to draw out the most valuable action resources and steps to address the challenge at hand.

Workshop session 1A and 1A concurrently:

1. Positioning your social enterprise for venture funding with Lorny Pfeifer- Breakout A

2. Advisors Workshop - Breakout B


All attendees get to mingle over lunch and share experiences with one another.



Echoing Green Information Session


Braintrust session 2

The second round of braintrusts for the five remaining startups.

Workshop session 2A and 2B concurrently:

1. Monetizing your business while staying aligned with your mission with Lorny Pfeifer - Breakout A

2. Advisors Workshop - Breakout B




Afternoon Break

Daring Greatly interactive workshop

A facilitated session invites all attendees, including advisors and facilitators, to reflect on their own leadership journeys and make a commitment to do something that scares them—in a pursuit to break through ceilings that they feel constrained by.



Closing reflection and networking reception

A group discussion to debrief on the day, share and absorb learnings, and set intentions going forward. Then a networking reception to close the day so everyone can speak with others they did not yet get a chance to connect with.