Opening  and arrival with tea and coffee. 

Those needing caffeine to be ready for a jam-packed day get their fix, and everyone mingles.


Circle of trust with entrepreneurs, facilitators and advisors

A facilitated activity where we will go through the outline for the day, expectations from one another to make the day most effective, and build relationships.


Entrepreneurs present on their start-ups and one crucial challenge

The 10 entrepreneurs present about their organizations and the biggest challenge they are facing to everyone in 5-minute presentations.


Braintrust session 1 


Five entrepreneurs break into Braintrust sessions and the rest into a workshop. Each entrepreneur in a braintrust is matched with 3-5 advisors and a facilitator manages a structured discussion to draw out the most valuable action resources and steps to address the challenge at hand.

Workshop session 1a and 1b concurrently

The other five entrepreneurs participate in an informative, engaging, and inspiring workshop from  Maria Wang-Faulkner:

“How to fail fast and fail upward”

Workshop Description: The number one mistake startup founders make is to build something that nobody wants. And it can often be an expensive mistake. This workshop guides Climate Braintrust entrepreneurs through a process of identifying their most critical assumptions or hypotheses (ones that must be true for their business to succeed), and helps them to prioritize them, reframe them and design tests to prove or disprove them.

Our second workshop includes a session from Kate Hayes of Echoing Green for Advisors:

"Leadership for Social Impact: How You Show Up For Social Entrepreneurs Matters"

Each of us has a unique role to play in the social change ecosystem. In particular, advisors, board members, and philanthropists each have the ability to have a major impact on the social entrepreneurs we work with. In order to maximize impact, it is important to first know who we are as leaders, and be able to define our unique role and offering. In this workshop, participants will go through a series of interactive exercises and conversations to discover and articulate their unique role in the climate change ecosystem.


All attendees get to mingle over lunch and share experiences with one another.



Braintrust session 2

The second round of braintrusts for the five remaining startups.

Workshop session 2a and 2b concurrently

The other five entrepreneurs participate in an informative, engaging, and inspiring workshop from  Risalat Khan:

"Designing your startup culture to be an asset, not a liability"

There are two kinds of entrepreneurs: ones that are very intentional about the culture of their organization, and ones that aren’t. But culture can be a defining element governing an organization’s success—still too many founders essentially leave it to chance. This workshop will explore key learnings about what makes a team culture great, and how to design your startup’s culture to be a long-term asset, not a liability.

Our second workshop includes another session from Kate Hayes of Echoing Green for Advisors.




Daring Greatly interactive workshop

A facilitated session invites all attendees, including advisors and facilitators, to reflect on their own leadership journeys and make a commitment to do something that scares them—in a pursuit to break through ceilings that they feel constrained by.


Closing reflection and networking reception

A group discussion to debrief on the day, share and absorb learnings, and set intentions going forward. Then a networking reception to close the day so everyone can speak with others they did not yet get a chance to connect with.