In New York, our program brought together 32 advisors and 6 facilitators for an action packed day of climate impact for 14 entrepreneurs.

Now we're back. 


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So, what is a Braintrust?

A Braintrust is a one and a half hour session with a facilitator, entrepreneur and 4-5  selected advisors seated around a table. Good advice is formed through strong relationships and trust among participants, so we designed a full day program to generate these.


How does the Braintrust work?


At the beginning of the day, we create a safe space to facilitate collaborative idea-building among participants. 



 Entrepreneurs present on their startup to the group, including challenges and opportunities.



One startup, a facilitator and 4-5 advisors gather around a table. We curate each advisor to the startup and brief them with a two page summary sheet ahead of the event. A facilitated discussion ensues, with the following steps:

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In parallel to the Braintrust, we run specific workshops on common issues faced by the startups.  For advisors we provide a workshop for how to become better supporters for young entrepreneurs.



We conclude with a “Daring Greatly” session, encouraging vulnerability and commitment, building on the relationships formed during the day and cementing actionable steps to move forward.