A new, interactive one-day program bringing 10 NYC climate-tackling startups to a roundtable of experienced academic and business leaders to address their challenges.

Organised by the World Economic Forum Global Shapers New York Hub in partnership with Echoing Green


At The Braintrust, entrepreneurs will bring a current challenge they are facing to a round-table of experienced climate, academic and business advisors to solve. The day will involve interactive workshops, facilitated sessions, and networking, focused on creative and collaborative support to improve the impact of local climate solutions.


Meet our entrepreneurs:

Aesop Technologies

Nisha Witt

Aesop Technologies was founded through inspiration to solve a growing problem: excessive carbon emissions from… cellphones. Witt was working on a research papers and came across an article about how recharging mobile devices several times a day is contributing to man-made carbon emissions. With a spark of imagination and innovation, Witt created the company’s first product, Aesop Tholos, a solar powered bench where users can recharge their phone off the grid from an outdoor bench. Witt’s overall goal is to supply and disburse advanced solar technologies in parts of the world where renewable technology is not ideal.


nisha_witt_173 - Nisha Witt.jpg

Lightfoot Market

Sarah Sproviero and  Kristin Hanczor

Lightfoot Market is a platform for sustainable businesses. We have built a strong network of entrepreneurs that care about reducing their negative impact on the environment and communities. Therefore, we come with many perspectives, voices, and challenges as reported by a wide array of product businesses.


Clean Tech Innovatum

Kyle Herman

The Clean Tech Innovatum platform culls data from patent and finance databases around the world in real-time to give our clients an immediate and lucid picture of the clean-tech industry. They then employ our machine-learning, proprietary algorithm, to run diagnostics and analysis of the clean technology in question and within a desired time period (customized search optimization and data analytics).


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Aran_Baker - Aran Baker.jpg

Red Hook Check-in

Aran Baker and Valentina Branada

Using a co-design process, Red Hook Check-in creates a model for a new community-based service focused on disaster preparedness for NYC neighborhoods most impacted by climate change. The project is designed to bridge the gap between isolated, medically fragile residents and advanced care/services


Propagate Ventures

Ethan Steinberg and Jeremy Kaufman

Propagate Ventures is on a mission to scale agroforestry into a cornerstone of agriculture. We work with farmers to design and install tree-crop systems that work in tandem with existing farm operations. Together with brands and investors, we build certainty in supply and bridge project level capital needs. Our turn key solution for agroforestry deployment, unlocks regenerative agriculture as an asset class.


ethan_brick_b_w - Ethan Steinberg.jpg
Jospe_Christophe_0721a_b-300x199 - Christophe Jospe.jpg

Carbon A List

Christopher Jospe

Carbon A List is building a market mechanism to make it easier to connect buyers and sellers in the carbon removal ecosystem. The problem they are solving is removing the friction between buyers and sellers of one ton of carbon dioxide sequestered from the atmosphere. Specifically, Carbon A List are creating better measurement techniques to establish methodologies and drive funding through the voluntary carbon offset markets.



Stephanie Ulrich

MONICA brings urban energy consumers together with local, clean energy producers in one common marketplace platform. Think "Airbnb for clean energy". We're disrupting the dirty energy industry by bringing energy consumers a localized, personalized experience and providing renewable energy producers with more profits and incentives to expand clean energy production, driving large-scale emissions reductions and clean energy growth.


Stephanie_Ullrich_Map - Stephanie Ullrich.jpg

Green Gas

David Cooch

Green Gas is a funding mechanism that builds public investment in game-changing climate solutions. Green Gas embeds carbon offsets into gasoline purchases. We integrate directly onto gas pumps, as well as personal debit cards, offering the public convenient, affordable, and highly visible opportunities to offset their gasoline’s carbon footprint.



Ridge Montes and Jonathan Hecht

Impakt addresses two problems: environment and labor. We are working with NYU Stern’s Center for Business and Human Rights to determine concretely what factors to include in our reports so that a concrete difference will be made in labor practices. We don’t just want the appearance of doing good, but to actually do good.


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Jonathan - Jonathan Hecht.png


Amer Jandali

DJ turned social innovator. Amer's world shifted when he saw a film about plastic bags, now he's committed to creating low-waste products starting with the world's first wearable tote bag. Braceletote is a wearable tote bag that challenges the plastic bag use in New York - 10 billion bags a year. The product impacts climate by challenging consumer behaviours, and being a symbol for progressive changes in policy on plastic bag taxes.


The Braintrust will be held on Friday September 29th from 9:00am to 6:00pm at The World Economic Forum 350 Madison Ave, 11th Floor, NY 10017.

We would love to have you join us!