The SF Climate Braintrust is an interactive one-day program that aims to build meaningful and lasting relationships between young climate entrepreneurs and seasoned experts.

At The Braintrust, entrepreneurs will bring a current challenge they are facing to a round-table of experienced climate, academic and business advisors for problem-solving. The day will involve trust-building exercises, interactive workshops, and facilitated sessions focused on creative and collaborative support to improve the impact of local climate solutions.

This event is organized by the The San Francisco Hub of the Global Shapers (an initiative of the World Economic Forum) in partnership with Echoing Green.




The Braintrust will be held on Wednesday September 12th from 9am to 6pm at The World Economic Forum, 1201 Ralston Ave, San Francisco, CA 94129

We would love to have you join us!


Meet some of our entrepreneurs:


Sandra Kwak

10Power is a social impact enterprise on a mission to provide renewable energy to the 1.2 billion people that lack access to electricity today. Working in frontier markets, 10Power partners with local installers and provides project development and finance for commercial-scale solar and energy storage, building market ecosystems. In their first market, Haiti, 10Power has provided solar services to health organizations, NGOs and water purification centers bringing clean water to communities and supporting over 600 micro-enterprises, majority women-led. See video



Angelo Campus

BoxPower is creating a future in which energy is sustainable, distributed, and portable, by manufacturing rapidly deployable solar generators in 20ft shipping containers. Our unique combination of renewable and conventional energy generation with battery backup provides a clean, reliable, and cost effective alternative to fossil fuel generation for off-grid and grid-tied energy consumers. With customers ranging from Alaska to Puerto Rico, BoxPower can bring clean, reliable energy; anywhere. 


Coral Vita

Gator Halpern and Sam Teicher

Coral Vita brings dying reefs back to life by growing climate change resilient corals and transplanting them into degraded reefs. Coral Vita works with the world's leading coral scientists to incorporate the latest coral farming methodologies, which enables Coral Vita to grow corals at rates up to 50 times natural speeds. This also allows Coral Vita to boost the coral's resiliency against the warming and acidifying ocean conditions that threaten their survival. By creating coral farms in tropical countries all around the world, Coral Vita will help sustain reefs for generations to come.


Christine Su

PastureMap empowers ranchers to raise cattle on a healthy base of grasslands. They use simple, mobile records with analytics to make ranchers more productive. By digitizing records, we unlock farmer-to-farmer information sharing to help reverse climate change by regenerating grasslands and soils. If all grasslands globally were managed to their full potential, we could reverse atmospheric carbon to pre-industrial levels within 20 years.

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EV Match

Heather Hochrein

"EVmatch reduces barriers to electric vehicle (EV) adoption through a peer-to-peer charging network that rapidly accelerates the number of reliable EV charging options. EV drivers quickly find, reserve, and pay for use of private charging stations through the EVmatch web or mobile application. By bringing private charging resources into the public sphere, EVmatch enables the widespread adoption of cleaner electric vehicles, especially among renters and multi-unit dwellers without home charging access. EVmatch's community-based charging network immediately provides improved EV charging access and will later be leveraged to provide grid services, including demand response and distributed energy storage.

Meet our previous entrepreneurs

This format was successfully pioneered in September 2017 at The World Economic Forum offices in New York. Our program brought together 32 advisors and 6 facilitators for an action packed day of climate impact for 14 entrepreneurs.

Aesop Technologies

Nisha Witt

“The Braintrust is the type of event that I am unable to experience in Virginia. This event offered me a platform and opportunity to connect with individuals that are experts in my field of work, which is very rare in my case. I would highly recommend the Braintrust to anyone and everyone who may need external opinions or ideas on how to strategically and efficiently run their business.”  Aesop's overall goal is to supply and disburse advanced solar technologies in parts of the world where renewable technology is not ideal.


nisha_witt_173 - Nisha Witt.jpg

Lightfoot Market

Sarah Sproviero and  Kristin Hanczor

"The organizers created a warm community within the first hour, which helped me as an entrepreneurs open up about my vulnerabilities and true challenges. As a result, the feedback and aid I received from advisors was focused, poignant and more helpful than I could have imagined. I left the Climate Braintrust equipped with an expanded network, a plan of action and a stronger mindset as a leader. This event had soul! "  Lightfoot Market is a platform for sustainable businesses. 


Clean Tech Innovatum

Kyle Herman

"A big sense of community was established. I felt like I had found people encountering exactly the same issues I was having, and the advisors present were well aware of the difficulties. I have begun to contact VCs and am looking for funding. The format was endearing and earnest. It equalized all participants. Truly unique!" The Clean Tech Innovatum platform culls data from patent and finance databases around the world in real-time to give our clients an immediate and lucid picture of the clean-tech industry.


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Aran_Baker - Aran Baker.jpg

Red Hook Check-in

Aran Baker and Valentina Branada

Using a co-design process, Red Hook Check-in creates a model for a new community-based service focused on disaster preparedness for NYC neighborhoods most impacted by climate change. The project is designed to bridge the gap between isolated, medically fragile residents and advanced care/services


Propagate Ventures

Ethan Steinberg and Jeremy Kaufman

Propagate Ventures is on a mission to scale agroforestry into a cornerstone of agriculture. We work with farmers to design and install tree-crop systems that work in tandem with existing farm operations. Together with brands and investors, we build certainty in supply and bridge project level capital needs. Our turn key solution for agroforestry deployment, unlocks regenerative agriculture as an asset class.


ethan_brick_b_w - Ethan Steinberg.jpg
Jospe_Christophe_0721a_b-300x199 - Christophe Jospe.jpg

Carbon A List

Christopher Jospe

“Having the opportunity to articulate my idea to a multidisciplinary sounding board of experts and network with mission-oriented entrepreneurs was invaluable. I left with a number of action items and new relationships that will last a life time.”

Carbon A List is building a market mechanism to make it easier to connect buyers and sellers in the carbon removal ecosystem. 



Stephanie Ulrich

“The Braintrust was an opportunity for me to interact with passionate peers and mentors who pushed me to think bigger and bolder about the climate problem I am trying to solve.”

MONICA brings urban energy consumers together with local, clean energy producers in one common marketplace platform. Think "Airbnb for clean energy". 


Stephanie_Ullrich_Map - Stephanie Ullrich.jpg

Green Gas

David Cooch

Green Gas is a funding mechanism that builds public investment in game-changing climate solutions. Green Gas embeds carbon offsets into gasoline purchases. We integrate directly onto gas pumps, as well as personal debit cards, offering the public convenient, affordable, and highly visible opportunities to offset their gasoline’s carbon footprint.



Ridge Montes and Jonathan Hecht

Impakt addresses two problems: environment and labor. We are working with NYU Stern’s Center for Business and Human Rights to determine concretely what factors to include in our reports so that a concrete difference will be made in labor practices. We don’t just want the appearance of doing good, but to actually do good.


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Amer Jandali

“Exceptional experience design. Non-threatening, open space that was facilitated with my best interests in mind. I felt heard, seen and well taken care of the entire time.”

DJ turned social innovator. Amer's world shifted when he saw a film about plastic bags, now he's committed to creating low-waste products starting with the world's first wearable tote bag. 


The Braintrust will be held on Wednesday September 12th from 9:00am to 6:00pm at The World Economic Forum 1201 Ralston Ave, San Francisco, CA 94129

We would love to have you join us!